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  • "Welcome to Pearl Dental Arts!"
    Pearl Dental has been providing a gentle, caring, and friendly dental experience since 1981. Our doctors and staff are committed to providing you the best dental treatment options, the finest dental care and the most convenient financial options to promote a healthy and confident lifestyle.

    With our convenient locations in the Newtown, Levittown and Philadelphia areas, quality and personal dental care is never far away. Each of our three offices is manned by only one doctor, so all your treatment is provided by the same doctor, you do not see a different doctor every visit.

    "What Our Patients Are Saying"

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    "Art of Cosmetic Dentistry"

    This excellent dental veneers case is just one of the many cosmetic solutions we have to offer. Click the image to see more of our smile makeovers.
    "Dental Implants Improve Life"
    CBCT scans allow for extreme dental implant precision.
    CBCT scans allow for extreme dental implant precision. Click the image to learn more about dental implants.

    Are you tired of loose, ill-fitting dentures, floating around and lifting up at the most inappropriate moments? Are loose dentures or missing teeth preventing you from smiling and speaking with confidence? Are you embarrassed because of your teeth? Dental implants can once again allow you to eat normally, smile and talk confidently, avoid embarrassment. Before you allow a dentist to take out all your teeth or grind good teeth to place a bridge, you should consider dental implants.   Dr. Paghdiwala received his Mastership in Implant Dentistry at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) meeting in Toronto in April, 2012. He was awarded his Implant Fellowship in 2009, and after making case presentations of over 50 of his completed dental implant treatments at his Newtown location, as well as completing hundreds of hours of continuing education in Implant Dentistry, he was presented the award of Mastership in Implant Dentistry. At Pearl Dental Arts, we place the implants as well as place the crowns, bridges or dentures on the implants right in our office, you will not have to go around visiting several different doctors. .
    "Redefining Dentistry"
    Too many people have had too many bad experiences with dentists. At Pearl Dental, we are reshaping the dental image. We make it our number one priority to give you comfortable dental care. We walk you through every possible scenario and treatment option to find a solution that best fits your goals and desires. We take advantage of the technologies available to give you work we can stand behind. We're tired of people neglecting their teeth because they are scared of the dentist, we understand your fears and go above and beyond to earn your trust. Whether you're coming to us for dental implants and full mouth reconstruction or your six month maintenance cleaning, we treat you like you're family. For general dental services, crowns and veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, implants and dentures, all of us at Pearl Dental Arts strive to offer the residents of Newtown, Levittown and Philadelphia and vicinity a very comfortable and satisfying experience.
    "See some of our latest Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Cases "

    Cosmetic Teeth Bonding- A Quick, Affordable Way to a Beautiful Smile. Click the image to learn more about our Smile Makeovers.

    Cosmetic teeth bonding can be an excellent method of achieving a beautiful smile. The main advantage of cosmetic bonding, done with tooth colored composite resins, is that they can be done in one visit , right in the office, giving instant results. Porcelain veneers are undoubtedly more durable and retain their gloss and shine longer than teeth bonded with composite resins, but as porcelain veneers are made in dental laboratories, they are considerably more expensive and take a lot longer to complete than bonding. Cosmetic bonding will give you a beautiful smile in just an hour and cost far less than porcelain veneers.    

    View this Slide Show of our Smile Gallery

    Visit the smile gallery to see before and after examples of our smile makeovers.